ALL NATURALS start up was not intentional and planned enterprise. It started as a personal struggle to find certain type of products on the market, High Street and online. 

My personal story is the story of the last generations struggling with all kind of health problems due to junk food, bad choice of medicines and clothing, personal life decision making and clearly, lack of information and choice of products. For decades, I was buying what was available in the local supermarkets and trade centres. Then one day I realised I do not want to buy my supplies without knowing more about my family consumption and better product choices. 

Particularly impulsive buying and buying for lack of better choice, was my main concern with the available local markets. I was highly critical about the products and their content materials, design, quality and how long they last and serve. The way we throw them so fast in the bin as most of them are impossible to repair, re-new or recycle. The consummative attitudes of the customers and the providers. 

I was critical about the materials and the designs I was buying, about their life and functionality; and about their recycling. I led family wars about plastics in our home, harsh chemicals cleaning and washing  supply, organising my closet and family wardrobes, plus the allergies, health problems like eczema , liver and kidneys, infertility and eyesight, to mention a few. And I know many other people suffer the same struggle. I witnessed elderly people and mothers with babies struggling the same fate. Colleagues sharing similar family stories about their challenges as parents preparing their kids for school. Literally everyone has these everyday battles to fight, in our personal time and expense. 

I found that the markets were not really prepared for my new preferences. I spent days and months, my weekends and vacations, to find new supply sources and ways to deal with my new discoveries. 

I kept spreadsheets with my sources, orders and deliveries, checks and lists of supply. I invested so much time and effort in doing so. One day I wanted to organise  that mess and voila, this website appeared from the void. 

That was the moment of revelation, when I had the raw idea that I can offer my findings to everybody who is interested to make the same or similar choices in their lives. 


In my selection I focused on quality and value for money, availability and everyday comfort. 



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