We select our products with loving care, as being beneficial for human health and comfort, and kind to nature. Our selection of natural fabrics positively promotes both the good health of the wearer, and kindness to the environment. We provide our customers with:

  • sustainably sourced materials.
  • informed choice.
  • availability.
  • value for money.
  • free home delivery.


Kindness to oneself, to others and to nature, as well as compassion and harmlessness, are key principles in our mission.


In order to avoid possible harm, and provide certain protection, the human body must be wrapped and surrounded, healed and fed with, with all the best the nature can provide. 

ALL NATURALS name derives from the nature itself, as all our product lines are made from entirely natural materials, as the nature provides materials for every human need. What can be the best, but the nature itself?

What is acceptable to be called 'all natural'?

In general, every material touching the human body, everything in direct contact with the human body, must be 'all natural', in order to comply with our All Naturals standard about beneficial and healthy product supply. 

Under come conditions, elastic can be accepted, if it is not in direct contact with the human body. People who have very firm and strict health and individual needs can demand products made from entirely and 100% natural organic materials. Some, who have not such bad health problems, or simply prefer to do so, could possibly tolerate some exceptions, ribbons or lace, buttons or zips, as decoration or because of certain desired design, over the main material which unconditionally must be at least 95% natural organic material, or preferably, 100% natural organic material. 

People do show different tolerance and preferences towards such materials, therefore, the range of varieties and designs in our All Naturals online shop, but in the All Naturals, we follow our criteria and standard that these 'exceptions' do not become the norm and do not overtake the design and the model. 

In this regard, All Naturals is not so much about fashion and fashionable choice, but about uncompromisable comfort, the best design providing ultimate comfort and the best natural organic materials, unconditionally for the health benefit of the individual, and not to serve the fashionable lines and momentum.

We give way to the health, wellbeing and the comfort of the customer rather than to the look and the vanity. 

That is to always deliver the best materials and choice of designs to the customer, and to offer the highest possible standard and quality of healthy choice and availability.

All Naturals works for making all customers happy, providing the best quality and availability at affordable low prices, with some product lines sold in bulk or bundles, at significant discount in permanent sale.




Published 25 February 2022

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