We supply our own size charts and size descriptions for UK and international sizing in this chapter and in every product page, but you can also find convenient size convertors available online, as example HERE, or HERE, so you can make your own checks about the correct size of certain garment, or desired look and fit, according to your preference. 

Natural materials clothing differ in their maintenance compared with the synthetic ones, so it is not applicable to expect natural materials clothing garments to behave like synthetic ones. Synthetic ones are engineered and designed to provide ease of maintenance, but that comes with a price to pay. Natural materials fabrics require more care and maintenance, but they pay off with comfort and health care, which is lacking in the case of the synthetic manmade fibre materials and fabrics. 

Please bear in mind that natural materials differ in their maintenance care methods and you must be familiar with these specifics beforehand. 

Please bear in mind that if you want to achieve a loose fit and look of the desired garment, then you must consider ordering one size bigger than you need, unless the product page specifically states that the product already has loose fit included in the product design. It is also necessary to consider the shrinkage of the natural materials with washing, so in general, it is good strategy to buy one or in some cases even two sizes bigger than you need. The modern technologies used to weave or knit the fabric material also differ and must be considered carefully, especially in the case of buying baby clothing. 

For differently shaped figures and silhouettes, please consider wider or appropriate cut and design of clothing garments. Contemporary fashion supply does offer a range of such products. If your measurements are on the borderline between two sizes, then we advise that you stay on the safe side and you order the larger size available.

We do include some plus size products in our product lines. We will definitely expand our supply for plus size and Tall and Big size individuals in the future. 

We provide as much information as possible, in the blogging section, as well as in the newsletter issued in the beginning of every month. 

Our sizing is international, as we ship globally. In most cases, we provide standard measurement units and a few popular sizing guides. 

We mostly offer the range of sizes known as Regular Fit, with some additions for Big and Tall, as well as some products for Petite Fit, to provide for the whole range of market demand. 

Please make sure you have the thorough body measurements for your order available beforehand, so you avoid unnecessary disappointment and delays of your order. It helps if you make your measurements notes and keep them available at all time, as well as keeping them precise and as true as possible, as human body needs can vary and can be fast changing in some cases, as it is the case of growing up kids. 

Please do not order by guessing or estimating your sizing. Take your time and make proper measurement preparations for your order, so you don't waste your money and time with problematic sizing in your order. 

Please contact us with your size measurements for assistance, if you still feel need of help and guidance, on our email address

We reply within 3 working days for all our customers, on all product related issues.

We wish you happy shopping. 

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